Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Invitational


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 March 12-14th 2021 Benefiting Beyond the Yellow Ribbon


With the cancellation of the True American Hockey Tournament, we have scrambled the fighter jets and are happy to bring to you a tournament of our own.

The BTYRI is hockey in its truest form. Invitees are all friends & one offs of our core hockey playing group, promoting a laid back, fun tournament atmosphere. 

It is a mixer style tournament so you will register individually and be placed on a team. Feel free to request to be placed on the same team as other players.

Please take time out from the fun of this weekend to thank your tournament organizers Landon Johnson and Jesse Bentrup, and be sure to tag any videos and photos with #BTYRInvitational.

Championship Sunday

Congratulations to Bentrup Agency - Brown!

Practice like you’ve never WON, Play like you’ve never LOST

Game Day Details

  • We will set up a check in desk at 7 pm friday outside the main entrance of the Super Rink
  • Please show up to your first game early to check in
  • Before arrival, make sure you have completed payment and waivers to make everything go smoothly and quickly
  • Once we have confirmed you have paid and completed waivers, you will be given a loaner jersey and a tournament helmet sticker
    • Please return jerseys to your captain after your last game these are owned by our tournament captains and expensive to replace so please make it your responsibility to return them
  • COVID-19 Rules
    • Show up to your game dressed
    • Doors will be unlocked 10 minutes prior to game time
    • No hockey bags allowed inside the rink
    • Masks must be worn over mouth and nose at all times
      • This includes while playing
    • Locker rooms will be open 10 minutes before game time, but they will be cleaned in between games and must be vacated 10 minutes after game

Player Registration

    • Click on the link below
    • Answer the 5 question "Tournament Player Registration" section and click the "Submit" button
      • If you wish to be a sub, we will charge you $10 per game and contact you as needed
      • Mention in the questions/comment section that you are a sub only and skip the below step
    • Select "Skater Registration fee and additional activities pre-registration" option, then click the "Attend" button and complete payment
    • Player Registration Link
  • Loaner Jerseys will be provided, but it'd smart to bring a light and dark jersey


  • Player Liability Waiver Link
    • You Die, Your Fault.
    • Players will be required to complete a liability waiver prior to taking the ice
    • Further details coming soon


Date Day Start Time Note Rink Home Team Away Team Scorekeeper Referee #1 Referee #2 Home Score Away Score Home Standings Points Away Standings Points
Mar 12 Friday 8:00pm Pool Game SR1 Halifax Highlanders - White Bentrup Agency - Brown Scotty Dragich Allenson 0 6 0 2
Mar 12 Friday 9:10pm Pool Game SR1 Bentrup Agency - Black Northern Enforcers - Red Scotty Dragich Allenson 9 2 2 0
Mar 13 Saturday 11:45am Pool Game SR1 Northern Enforcers - Red Halifax Highlanders - White Bentrup Booch Erickson 6 8 0 2
Mar 13 Saturday 1:00pm Pool Game SR1 Bentrup Agency - Brown Bentrup Agency - Black Bentrup Booch Erickson 6 3 4 2
Mar 13 Saturday 6:00pm Pool Game SR1 Bentrup Agency - Brown Northern Enforcers - Red Bentrup Cram Booch 8 4 6 0
Mar 13 Saturday 7:15pm Pool Game SR1 Bentrup Agency - Black Halifax Highlanders - White Bentrup Cram Booch 4 7 2 4
Mar 14 Sunday 9:45am Consolation SR2 Northern Enforcers - Red Bentrup Agency - Black Bentrup Thiesen Corrigan 6 8 0 4
Mar 14 Sunday 11:00am Championship SR2 Bentrup Agency - Brown Halifax Highlanders - White Bentrup Thiesen Corrigan 6 3 8 4



  • Mixer style tournament
  • 4 game guarantee ( 1 Friday; 2 Saturday; 1 Sunday )
  • Three 16 minute Run Time Periods
  • Two USA Hockey Officials
  • Timekeeper
  • Bags Tournament
  • Sauce Toss Challenge
  • Food & Beer provided
  • Tailgating
  • 100% of profits go to charity
  • Loaner Jerseys will be provided, but it'd smart to bring a light and dark jersey


  • Plan on hanging out between the 1 pm & 6 pm games on Saturday as well as after the last game at 7:15 pm Saturday
  • Food and beer during social hours
  • Bags Tournaments Details
  • Sauce Toss Challenge Details
  • Tailgating on the grass outside rinks 1&2
    • 8:30pm - 10:30pm
    • Buy one, get one beer token for each player
    • Pizza sponsored by SotaStick & Jesse Bentrup Agency


    • USA Hockey Rules
    • Blue Line Icing
    • No timeouts
    • No Slap Shots
    • Three minute warm-up
      • The clock starts when Zamboni doors close. Be ready.
    • Stop time will be used during the last two minutes of the third period if the game is within 3 goals.
      • The team trailing is required to stop/start the clock during the final two minutes.
      • The home team is required to stop/start the clock if the game is tied.
    • Penalties: Player must go to penalty box; time will start at the drop of the puck. Time will run during the stoppage of play.
    • Four penalty rule. Any player receiving four penalties in one game will be removed for the remainder of the game.
    • Games may end in tie except in Sunday's championship and consolation games
      • If Sunday game is tied at end of regulation time, we will proceed directly into a 3 round shootout with the home team shooting first
      • If Sunday game is still tied after that, a sudden death shootout will occur
    • Rules for Get Out of Jail and Penalty Shot cards are on back of cards


    • Team with the most standing points following pool play will advance
      •  Point System
        • Win - 2 points
        • Loss - 0 points
        • Tie - 1 point
    • Team Advancement Tiebreakers
      • Donations are the only Tiebreaker
        • Make donations at the bottom of the page on this site:
        • In the event that two or more teams have the same amount of standings points following pool play games, the team with the most donations at 10:15 pm Saturday will advance
          • In the event that two or more teams have the same amount of donations, a coin will be tossed to determine advancement

    $$$ POWER UP $$$

    • Get Out of Jail Free Cards
      • Negates a 2 minute penalty of your choice
      • Available for $20 at the check in desk
      • Limit 1 per team per Game
      • More details printed on the back of the cards
    • Penalty Shot Cards
      • Present to a referee and get one penalty shot
      • Available for $20 at the check in desk
      • Limit 1 per team per Game
      • More details printed on the back of the cards


    Halifax Highlanders (White)

      • Captain: Scotty Swanson 651-283-6831
      • Netminder: Shawn H.
      • Zachary L.
        • Defense
      • Rob D.
        • Wing, Center
      • Carl G.
        • Wing, Center, Defense
      • Andrew G.
        • Center, Wing
      • Allison B.
        • Wing, Defense
      • Mike M.
        • Wing
      • Mattie J.
        • Wing, Center
      • Jana C.
        • Center, Wing, Defense
      • Michael M.
        • Defense
      • Jolynn M.
        • Wing, Center
      • Blake S.
        • Wing, defense
      • Nic N.
        • Wing

      Bentrup Agency (Brown)

        • Captain: Jesse Bentrup 763-639-0874
        • Netminder: Tyler V. 
        • Colin B.
          • Wing, Center
        • Jarvis S.
          • Wing, Defense
        • Landon J.
          • Wing, Center, Defense
        • Derek B.
          • Wing, Center, Defense
        • Josh D.
          • Defense
        • Allen J.
          • Wing
        • Timothy C.
          • Wing, Center
        • Amelia S.
          • Center
        • Zachary S.
          • Wing
        • Stanley V.
          • Defense
        • Seth U.
          • Wing, Center

      Northern Enforcers (Red)

        • Captain: Jake Pazdernik 612-226-0136
        • Netminder: Brett P.
        • Erik F.
          • Wing, center
        • Ryan K.
          • Wing
        • Addam L.
          • Wing, Center
        • Tony S.
          • Defense
        • Nathan H.
          • Wing
        • Tommy T.
          • Wing, Center
        • Ben P.
          • Defense, Center
        • Aaron R.
          • Wing
        • Scott L.
          • Center
        • Rachel G.
          • Wing, Center, Defense
        • Adam F.
          • Defense

      Bentrup Agency (Black)

        • Captain: John Rosenquist 612-859-7048
        • Netminder: Richard V.  
        • Justin E.
          • Wing, Center
        • Andrew S.
          • Wing, Defense, Center
        • James W.
          • Wing, Center
        • Matt C.
          • Wing
        • John R.
          • Wing, Center
        • Anthony L.
          • Wing, Defense
        • Dave S.
          • Defense
        • Dan S.
          • Defense
        • Pavel C.
          • Wing, Center
        • Tyler T.
          • Wing
        • Joshua J.
          • Defense, Center
        • Tyler K.
          • Wing

      Sub Skaters

        • Captain: Scotty Swanson 651-283-6831
        • Derrik Cole
          • Wing, Defense

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      Fill out our PLAYER INVITE FORM to let us know what other tournaments you're interested in hearing about.