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Collect the Limited Edition Celly package!

A celly is a celebration after a goal is scored. The degree of cellying depends on how filthy the dangle is.

Get more than your average hockey wax with our 85 gram bars. Our high quality hockey wax is made in America and helps keep your blade tape alive longer while helping to decrease ice and snow build up for better grip and puck control.

Our first formula developed and tested is a classic medium/hard hockey wax made to spread evenly onto your blade tape. This is designed for players who prefer longer lasting blade tape, better puck control, and minimal wax clump/build-up on their tape.

    With our fun packaging inspired by vintage hockey card packs that included a free stick of bubble gum, our Wicked Good Hockey Wax is bubble gum scented.

    For a limited time while supplies last our Wicked Good Hockey wax will come with each of the following:

    **One free authentic sports card storage box to help keep your wax fresh and clean or to use for your hockey card collection.

    **One free beauty package sticker.

    **One free piece of bubble gum.

    Made and hand poured in the U.S.A. Temperature resistant. Do not eat or chew.

    Player reviews:

    "I've used the wax a few times now and it is great. Sticks great, smells great, and performs amazing."

    "It feels good, goes on evenly, and no snow build up."

    "It smells incredible, the puck feels good with it on, it's not too thick, it's great for stick handling and fancy dangles, the wax holds the puck like a beauty."

    "I've been using lucky wax for awhile and/or sex wax, though they both smelled really good, both were too sticky. I loved the Wicked Good Wax, the smell and the feel. You've got a great product."

    "Love the wax. Scored a bunch with it this weekend."