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SKOL Minnesota.

For the office, bar, man cave, anywhere. Discover all of the original SotaStick Co. artwork. All of our prints are made locally in Minneapolis and are printed in small batches on 20" by 24" rigid vinyl. All of our prints include a white printed border and are designed for framing with or without matting. These prints will fit any standard 20" X 24" frame. Here is a link to 20" by 24" frames on Amazon: Amazon FramesThis printed artwork does not come with a frame.

Why rigid vinyl? Because it is pretty much bullet proof, well kind of. It will stand the test of time. The ink will not fade. Rigid vinyl does not wrinkle and it is nearly tear proof and water proof. The ink will not smear if it gets wet and it is resistance to UV degradation. However, please do treat this with care because it is artwork after all.

This printed artwork does not come with a frame.