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Build your own beer fridge sticker packs! Each sticker pack comes with 4 premium vinyl stickers. Each sticker is made from a premium durable vinyl with a laminate that protects your stickers from scratching, rain and sunlight.

You choose each of your 4 stickers by noting what stickers you want in the "Special Instructions For Seller" section at checkout.

You can choose to have all 4 be Northern Enforcer or you can choose to have 4 different stickers... whatever combination of 4 stickers you want. If you do not add your selections in the Special Instructions For Seller then we will surprise you with our own choices!

Below are the stickers you can choose from!

Minneapolis Miracle: 2.73" x 3"

Black Jack: 2.94" x 3"

Circle Me Bert: 3" x 3"

Minnehaha Waves: 3" x 2.28"

Kings: 2.0" x 3"

Wolf State2.6" x 3"

Northern Enforcer2.05" x 3"

Out 1991: 2.18" x 3"

Mask2.17" x 3"

Skol: 4.24" x 1.5"

Gray Duck2.75" x 3"

Believe 1980: 1.62" x 3"

Moon: 2.17" x 3"

Tomorrow Night: 2.43" x 3"

People Eater2.01" x 3"